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Webinar & Online Coaching

Intercultural competences are crucial for your international success ...

Many  international projects fail due to the underestimation of cultural differnences. Misinterpretation of situations and different communication styles are a frequent source for misunderstandings which can be costly, time consuming and often lead to failure.

During the intercultural trainings and coachings participants develop their cultural sensitivity and enhance their competences to adequately cope with culture biased challenges in business and private settings.

Essentials for an effective communication and interaction on the international stage and cross cultural encounters are:
  • cultural sensitivity
  • skills to listen, observe, evaluate, analyse, interprete and relate
  • know-how to develop and apply an adequate strategy to deal with cross cultural challenges

You will ...

  • reflect and learn about their own culture
  • get sensitized for other cultures
  • learn how to identify cultural differneces and commonalities
  • develop strategies to bridge cultural differences
  • learn how to identify and apply different communication styles
  • learn how to motivate according to cultural background
  • how to effectively manage or collaborate in multi-cultural team
  • how to manage conflicts in cross cultural settings

Your Benefits

  • Less cultural misunderstandings and conflicts
  • Improved communication inside and outside the organisation
  • Savings of time and costs
  • Enhanced motivation

Best for ...

  • Professionals who interact with people of different cultures
  • International business development managers
  • Global marketing managers
  • Members of international and multi-cultural teams
  • International Assignees and their families
  • Everyone who wants to enhance her/his interculteral understanding and communication skills

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